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The website is a tool for you to use!  There are several ways to contact the Swan Pointe Community.

  • The Welcome page displays a list of Board of Directors with contact information for each board member.
  • You may register to “Leave a Response” on the website with your thoughts, questions and suggestions, reports about social activities, or let everyone know about community news.
  • You may use the “Contact Us” black and white form (top right of each page) to contact the Board of Directors. Click on the box, fill in the form & a message will go to the Swan Pointe Board of Directors’ email address.
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  1. Chris O

    To log in to leave a comment: When you see the space for an ID and Password – look for the little link that says “register.” Click on the link – create an ID, then enter your email address. A password will be emailed to you. You will be the only person who has this password. If it is hard to remember like mine, when you use it click the box so it will “remember” you in the future.

    If you have difficulty, you may email the webmaster using the “Contact Webmaster” form.


  2. judygeralds

    When I went outside to get my paper this morning, I saw the tracks in the mud outside my front door where the mower drove over dirt because there is no grass in my front yard.. I looked out to the hillside of the bern that separates me from Ellingsworth and saw where straw had been laid to show that grass seed has been planted. I do appreciate the planting of grass seed on the hillside. Please also plant grass seed in my front yard. If the mower tracks show in the dirt, that means that there is no grass and no grass seed has been planted. I called KY Reality this morning and of course was told that they will not be opened until Monday. I called and spoke with Dennis McCoy a week ago last Friday and he said that I was on the list for planting. Could they please come back and seed my yard so that I don’t see tracks in the mud. Also I asked him about someone cleaning out my dryer vent almost a month ago. Last Friday when I talked to him, he said that he would check on it. I have not heard back anything on that issue. I realize that no one can do anything until Monday; but they did cut the grass this morning and left imprints of their good intentions making it more noticeable that there is no grass to cut on the bare earth with ruts left by the mower.

  3. Rsnmln00

    We live at 1202 Autumn Sun Court Unit 102 and the dumpster in front of our condo has
    had the door off and laying beside the dumpster for at least a month. It looks like probably the truck back over the post and they have put new post and new concrete and assume they were leaving it to cure well, but I think this has been enough time for that to take place.

    Is this the proper forum I should address for this problem or should I call Rumpke to further discuss the matter?

    I would appreciate your attention to this matter ASAP

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